Eva’s Jamaican Kitchen

I’m currently in Florida visiting my mom and getting ready for a trip to Cartagena Colombia.  I decided to take my mom to a small Jamaican restaurant in Jacksonville.  Eva’s Jamaican Kitchen is a small, no frills place that serves good, honest Jamaican food.  We ordered jerk chicken, braised oxtails, curry goat and ackee with salt fish.  All entrees came with rice & peas and plantains.  I got a side of braised cabbage with my curry goat.  Everything was delicious, but the ackee with salt fish was a revelation.  I had heard of the dish, but had never tried it.  The ackee fruit looks like scrambled eggs and has an egglike texture, but the flavor comes from the salt cod and peppers.  The rice & peas, which are rice mixed with red beans had coconut milk which gave them a unique flavor.  I washed everything down with a Jamaican ginger beer.  


Ackee with salt fish

Jerk chicken

Braised oxtails

Curry goat

Ginger beer


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