Shrimp & Grits in Savannah

Went on a road trip to Savannah, Georgia to check out the architecture and eat some shrimp & grits.  Checked out Public in the historic district for an al fresco lunch.  Afterwards walked around the historic district to check out the historic architecture.  The only downside was the temperature was 95 degrees.

Front of restaurant


Shrimp & Grits


Espíritu Santo part II

For our final big meal in Cartagena we decided to go back to Espíritu Santo.  My wife ordered the churrasco steak and I ordered the fish in coconut broth.  Both entrees came with coconut rice, plantains and choice of salad.  I chose the platano en tentación (sweet glazed plantain) and the cabbage slaw.  The fish was spectacular.  I believe it was a snapper which was fried whole and topped with tomatoes, peppers, onions and a savory coconut sauce.  Espíritu Santo is my choice for traditional food in Cartagena.  I wish I had eaten here everyday.

Inside of restaurant

Open kitchen

Churrasco steak

Pescado en zumo de coco

Close up of fish

Don Jediondo (Cartagena, Colombia)

We joined a friend of ours for lunch at Don Jediondo inside a mall in Cartagena.  When you hear mall food, fast food comes to mind, but not in Cartagena.  Lunch in Cartagena is serious business, so even at the mall you can get a home style meal.  We ordered bandeja paisa (typical dish from Antioquia region consisting of rice, red beans, meat, chorizo, chicharon, arepa, fried plantain and a fried egg) and lengua guisada (braised beef tongue.  To drink I had a Colombians soda.  Not bad for mall food.


Menu board

Lengua guisada

Bandeja Paisa

Red beans that come with the Bandeja Paisa

Colombiana soda

La Mulata part II

Came back to La Mulata to try some more dishes.  Also got a coco loco to drink, which is a coconut limeade with rum.  Ordered the sea bass with shellfish salpicón and the vegetable rice.  The sea bass was beautifully cooked and topped with chilled/ marinated shellfish.  The vegetable rice tasted like fried rice with eggplant & zucchini.  I would skip the veggie rice next time.

Place setting

Wall dedicated to Colombian musician Joe Arroyo.

Coco loco (way better then a piña colada)

Sea Bass with shellfish salpicón

Vegetable rice

Arepa Dude

Walking through San Pedro Plaza I noticed a guy selling arepas de queso (corn cakes with cheese).  The smell was intoxicating, so I decided to buy one.  The guy selling the arepas was from Medellin and this type of arepa is typical of that region.  Total was 2000 pesos ($0.60).  It was delicious.  The cheese here in Cartegena is very rich with nice tartness.

Arepa dude

Arepas on the griddle.

Me looking like a tourist with my sombrero.

Espíritu Santo (Cartagena, Colombia)

Located one block down from the University of Cartagena, Espíritu Santo serves up home style local food at rock bottom prices.  My wife ordered the carne asada and I ordered the pork chop special.  Both came with coconut rice, patacones and  side salad.  The portions are huge and the food is deliciously simple.  The restaurant serves lunch only.



Carne asada

Chuleta de puerco agri-dulce (pork chop)