Tea time

You can’t come to Chengdu and not go to a tea house.  I initially went to tea house next to my hotel, but no one there spoke any English so I walked around the area until I found what looked to be another tea house.  It was located next to a western style beer house, when suddenly the owner of the beer house Hugo comes out and asks “are you looking for some beer?”.  I replied no, that I was looking for some tea.  He took me next door to the tea house and helped me order.  I told him that I wanted to to a tasting of different teas.  Hugo told me that Chinese don’t drink different teas at one sitting, but instead pick one tea and continue to brew the same leaves as the flavor changes after each brewing.  Hugo told me that red tea was particularly popular in Chengdu.  I went with his recommendation and enjoyed four brews of the red tea.  The flavor seemed to get more intense after each brew.  They only steeped the tea for a few seconds each time.







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