Jinli pedestrian street and the world’s greatest photo bomb.

After the noodle shop, we visited Jinli pedestrian street.  This is the equivalent of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  It’s a maze of streets built to look like old school Chengdu.  There’s lots of food vendors selling various skewers and random street foods. I tried a pork skewer, tofu skewer and a mixed grain cup thing.  The food was ok.  The highlight for me was that I was part of a historical moment in world history.  I was part of the world’s greatest photo bomb.  As my wife took a picture of me holding my two skewers, some random lady decided to be a part of my picture.


World’s greatest photo bomb.


Random food stand


Tofu & pork skewers


Mixed grain bowl


Entrance to Jinli pedestrian street


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