Au Bon Cous Cous (Latin Quarter)

Walking through the Latin Quarter we stumbled upon Au Bon Cous Cous for dinner. Surprisingly after almost two months in France, we had not eaten any Moroccan food. Moroccan food, particularly cous cous, is one of the most popular foods in France. To start we ordered the salad maison and the Pastilla. The salad had lettuce, tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts, olives and potatoes. The Pastilla is a traditional Moroccan dish which consists of saffron braised chicken wrapped in brick dough and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The Pastilla was delicious, kind of a sweet and savory empanada. For mains my wife ordered the chicken cous cous and I had the lamb tagine. My wife’s cous cous came with a roasted chicken leg and the vegetables with broth on the side. My tagine had two large pieces of tender lamb shoulder along with prunes, onions and a hard boiled eggs. Garbanzo beans, soaked raisins and Harissa were served on the side. Two drink we got a half bottle of Moroccan Rosé. This was a nice hearty meal.
Salad maison


Chicken cous cous

Lamb tagine

Cous cous, garbanzos and raisins

Rosé wine from Morocco


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