La Parenthese (Reims, France)

We decided to take a day trip to Reims, best known for its sparkling beverage Champagne. We had a tour booked at Lanson Champagne at three o’clock, so we booked a lunch reservation for noon at La Parenthese. Located in a residential neighborhood, La Parenthese is a small bistro which recently opened in April. We opted for the lunch pre-fixe which includes wine, appetizer, main, dessert and coffee. To start my wife ordered the pork terrine and I ordered the bay shrimp cocktail. The shrimp were dressed in a creamy grain mustard dressing, which was nice and light. For mains we both ordered the pork chops with sauce charcutière. The chops were nicely cooked and the sauce was delicious with grain mustard and cornichons. For dessert we both ordered the chocolate mousse, which was well executed. Overall a very good meal in a nice neighborhood bistro.
Pork terrine

Bay shrimp cocktail

Pork chop

Chocolate mousse

House rosé and white wines



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