Barrafina (London, England)

We arrived in London yesterday afternoon and after spending an hour and a half going through customs and taking the metro into the City of London, we arrived at our hotel around five in the evening. The London restaurant on the top of my “must go to” list was Barrafina. Barrafina is a Spanish restaurant/bar with two locations in London. They don’t take reservations, so we showed up to their Covenent Gardens location around 6pm. The place was already packed with diners, so we took a window space while we waited for some seats at the main bar area. They offer a small bites menu while you wait, so we ordered some bites while we waited. We ordered some Padron peppers, crab croquets and tomato bread. Everything was delicious. The crab croquets and tomato bread were the best I’ve ever tasted.
Inside of crab croquet.

After about 20 minutes we got our seats at the bar and the show began. Here’s what we ordered: fried artichokes with aioli, tortilla Española, grilled calamari bocadillo with caramelized onions, fennel & pear salad with radishes, arroz de mariscos (rice with shellfish), roast suckling pig, mil hojas (mille feuille) and a flan. Everything was absolutely delicious! The arroz de mariscos was the best dish we’ve tasted on our trip to date. Barrafina delivered on all levels. One of the best restaurant experiences we’ve ever experienced. An absolute must go in London.
Fried artichokes with aioli

Tortilla Española

Fennel & pear salad with radishes

Grilled calamari bocadillo with caramelized onions

Arroz de mariscos (we served ourselves before taking a picture)

Roast suckling pig

Mil hojas


Chef Henry holding down the fort!


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