Paella Valenciana at Casa Roberto (Valencia, Spain)

After swimming with sharks at the Valencia Aquarium, we headed over to Casa Roberto for a traditional paella Valenciana. Prior to our trip to Spain we saw a video of chef Roberto making his paella on a Spanish food show online, so we knew this was the place to come to for the original. For most people, a paella is seen as the national dish of Spain, consisting of bright yellow rice with a plethora of shellfish, chorizo and chicken. In Valencia there is only one true paella consisting of rabbit, chicken, snails, Romano beans, Lima beans and either favas or artichokes. Every other similar rice dish is called an “arroz”. We began our meal with some gambas a la plancha (seared prawns). Then came the paella Valenciana. In my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the paella before we started serving it, sorry. The paella was delicious and reminded me of a dish I grew up eating called “arroz con pollo” (chicken with rice). The stars of the paella were the artichoke hearts and the Romano beans. The rice was cooked to perfection and was moist but not wet or soupy. To drink we grabbed a half bottle of red wine from Valencia and the fanciest bottled water I’ve ever seen. For dessert we ordered the classic flan and a tarta Santiago (almond tart). The desserts were good. On our way out I noticed chef Roberto in the kitchen cooking away and his daughter then invited us to the kitchen to meet the man himself. They also gave us a bag of the bomba rice they use in their paellas. An all around great experience at Casa Roberto.


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