Cafe Cubano (Chez Moi)

I grew up drinking Cuban coffee, which is essentially sweetened espresso.  I remember my mom giving me Cuban coffee before basketball games when I was in high school.  That’s probably when my coffee obsession began.  Back in the states, Cafe Bustelo is the coffee of choice for making Cuban coffee, since actual coffee from Cuba is illegal in the states.  Here in Paris I found coffee grown and produced in Cuba, so I picked up a can to brew at home.  To make Cuban coffee you need a stovetop espresso maker, sugar, an espresso cup and a small spoon.  First place about 1 teaspoon of sugar in the espresso cup.  Start to brew the coffee and as soon as the first bit of coffee brews, pour just enough over the sugar to make a paste.  Place the espresso maker back on the heat to finish brewing.  While the coffee brews, vigorously beat the sugar paste with the spoon.  The color of the sugar paste should turn lighter as you beat it with the spoon.  Once the coffee is brewed, pour some slowly into your cup and stir lightly.  You should have a light froth on the top of your coffee.  By the way, the Cuban coffee I bought is really good!


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