Aux Pres 6th

Tonight we paid a visit to Aux Pres in the St Germain des Pres neighborhood. Aux Pres is run by French celebrity chef Cyril Lignac, who was in the restaurant while we ate dinner. The restaurant is fairly small with an old school brasserie vibe. To start my wife ordered the crab on toast with avocado and cilantro. I ordered the house made ricotta with pine nuts, eggplant and Parm ham. The crab toast was delicious with a generous portion of crab. The ricotta was smooth and rich, offset by the lightly pickled eggplant and deliciously salty Parma ham. For our mains, my wife got the chicken sate tacos (yes I said tacos) and I ordered the sweet & sour sweetbreads with carrots and spinach. The tacos were delicious, definitely not your typical taco in regards to flavors, but a great combination of Thai flavors and Mexican ingenuity. My sweetbreads were cooked to perfection, with a fairly mild sweet & sour sauce that reminded me of the Nicaraguen dish chop suey. The spinach and carrots were nicely cooked. To drink we shared a bottle of Alsatian Gewurtztraminer. For dessert my wife got the French toast with pears, hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream. I went with the Bordier Saint Nectaire cheese with gem salad. We started to eat our dessert and cheese course before taking pictures, sorry. The French toast was light and delicious. The hazelnuts turned a good dessert into a great dessert. The cheese was amazing. Cheese in France is on a whole other level. Dinner ended with a couple of warm madeilines. Overall a great meal and experience.


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