World’s best sandwich? (Certaldo, Italy)

On our way to the Certaldo train station, we decided to grab a couple of sandwiches at Jam Cafe. After looking over the sandwiches we decided to grab a couple of prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches. However, when the clerk opened the sandwich display, I got a good whif of truffles. I asked the clerk what smelled like truffles and he pointed to a sandwich that had ham, egg and truffle mayonnaise. I picked one up and we were on our way to the Florence airport. On the train ride to the airport the truffle smell was seeping through the paper bag the sandwich was in. Once we arrived at the airport we sat down to eat our sandwiches. Unbelievable! This was the best truffle flavor I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t that over the top artificial truffle oil taste, but this faint, slightly musky truffle flavor that brought out the flavors of both the hard boiled egg and ham in the sandwich. Since truffle season is over, I assume they use a good quality truffle paste to make the sandwich.


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