Nelly Julien 7th

It’s impossible to stay in Paris and not eat some sort of pastry or bread every day. Right around the corner from my studio are two great Patisseries/ Boulangeries: La Moulin de la Vierge and Nelly Julien. They are literally across the street from each other. Today I went to Nelly Julien early in the morning to grab a couple of croissants for breakfast. I ended up grabbing a croissant, pan au chocolat, lemon tart and a religieuse. The croissant and pan au chocolat were still warm when I bought them. The croissant was excellent. It had a thin crisp outer layer and the interior was as light as air. The best croissant I’ve had yet. The pan au chocolat was the same as the croissant add chocolate in the middle. The lemon tart was nice and tart however the filling was a little too grainy. The religieuse is two glazed cream puffs filled with coffee flavored pastry cream and stacked one on top of the other, held together with buttercream. Based on the quality of their eclairs, I knew the religieuse would be spot on and it was.


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