Yellow Bar (Florence, Italy)

Our cab driver Luca, who drove us from the Florence airport to the small town of Certaldo recommended Yellow Bar to us. He told us he liked to take his family here for the wood fired pizzas and the simple pastas. He also told me I had to order the Crostini Toscano (chicken liver crostini). We started with the Crostini Toscano. The chopped chicken liver was served separately from the lightly toasted crostini. The chicken liver was amazing! It was garlicky, savory and had a nice kick of vinegar. Hands down the best chicken liver I’ve ever eaten. Next we got the gnocchi in a creamy tomato sauce and the spaghetti carbonara. The gnocchi were nice and light, with a delicious creamy tomato sauce. The carbonara, though not the traditional version was delicious with lots of guaciale and al dente pasta. Our last item was a pizza margherita. This was a straight forward pizza with some nice char from the wood burning oven. We washed everything down with some Prosecco. Overall a nice place to eat in Florence.


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