Restaurant Lou Boulico Part II

After having a great lunch there, we came back to Lou Boulico for dinner. We opted for the tasting menu and a bottle of local rose. To start we were brought a small slice of pissaladiere. Pissaladiere is an onion and anchovy tart that’s synonymous with Nice. Next came eggplant and zucchini beignets with basil aioli. Next we were served tableside Provencal salt cod stew. The salt cod stew had a similar flavor to the Caribbean salt cod stew my mom makes. Next up was petite stuffed vegetables a la Provecal. My wife received a stuffed tomato and I got a stuffed onion. The stuffing was similar to a really good meatball made with veal. Next we were served tableside ratatouille. This is the most famous dish of the region and it did not dissapoint. Next came our mains. My wife got the daube of beef (braised beef) with Swiss chard gnocchi and I got the roasted lamb shoulder with house made tagliatelle pasta and pistou. My wife loved her dish. The gnocchi had an interesting shape, different from the typical Italian gnocchi, but light and delicious nonetheless. My lamb was delicious and the pasta was well made. I was brought a mortar full of basil pistou to add to my pasta as I pleased. Pistou is essentially the same as Genovese pesto. Nice used to be part of the Genoa empire so the food in Nice is very southern Italian in style and flavors. The cheese course came next which was a local goat cheese served with a small salad. For dessert my wife ordered the creme brûlée and I ordered a local specialty tourte aux blettes (Swiss chard pie). I had heard of tourte aux blettes, but have never tasted it. It tasted like an apple custard pie. Even though there was a lot of chard in the filling, you didn’t taste it much. After inquiring I was told the filling was made with chard, apples, pears and pastry cream. Overall a great meal and definitely the place to eat when in Nice.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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