Restaurant Lou Boulico (Nice, France)

After a mediocre meal at a tourist trap restaurant our first night here in Nice, I was skeptical that we’d find a good restaurant here in the south of France. During a bus tour of Nice, I noticed a restaurant off the beat and path that had a sign that said “Specialites Nicoises”. After our bus trip, we walked back to Restaurant Lou Boulico for lunch. Right away we got the impression that this was a mom and pop’s restaurant that catered to locals more than tourists. Once seated they brought us a basket of garlicky croutons. We ordered the salad Nicoise and the tripe casserole. To drink I had a glass of local rose. The salad Nicoise was delicious with tuna, anchovies, raw artichokes and a garlicky vinaigrette. The tripe casserole was served tableside and after serving me a huge portion the owner’s wife told me if I wanted more to just ask. The tripe was delicious. It was stewed in a light tomato sauce with garlic and herbs. Even though we ate a large lunch, I told the owner Lou that we wanted to come back for dinner, which he replied “I think that’s a good idea”. We made reservations for 7:30pm.imageimageimageimage


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