Cafe des Federations (Lyon, France)

Lyon is considered the gastronomique capital of France. Many famous chefs have come from Lyon including the most famous of them all Paul Bocuse. We wanted the true Lyonnaise food experience so we came to Cafe des Federations, a well known Bouchon (Brasserie) here in Lyon. We ordered the menu Gourmande, which includes apertif and wine. The meal started with a basket of pork cracklings and a bottle each of red wine, white wine and creme de cassis. We were told to make our Kirs to our liking. An amuse bouche of ouefs meurette was amazing, much more flavorful and lighter than the version I tried the day before. Next came the appetizers family style: salad Lyonnaise (frisée with bacon, egg, croutons and vinaigrette), Puy lentils in a creamy vinaigrette, local charcuterie and bread. Everything was delicious and the portions were huge. For mains my wife ordered the Pike quenelle in crayfish sauce and I ordered the Adouillette with mustard sauce (chitterling sausage). The pike quenelle was light and flavorful with a creamy crayfish bisque sauce. The andouillette sausage is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s basically pork chitterlings stuffed inside pork intestine. The accompanying mustard sauce was creamy with an intense mustard flavor and a delicious potato gratin was served alongside. Next came a selection of local cheeses which were all delicious. To finish my wife ordered the fruit salad for dessert, while I opted for the praline tart, a specialty of Lyon. The tart was delicious. I’ve been waiting for a meal to really wow me here in France and this meal did just that. It was definitely heavy and rich, but the flavors were spot on. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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