Menu highlights August 22

Corn soup, creme fraiche, spiced corn, lime, cilantro


Grilled Monterey squid, braised garbanzo beans, grilled scallion, romesco sauce




Burger Buns

For our lunch menu we make our burger buns in house. The recipe we use is a cross between brioche and white bread. This allows for a bun that is light and airy, but doesn’t become soggy bread dough once the burger sits on it.buns unbaked buns baked

Summer Produce

This week we received some amazing produce from Sundoggie Organics Farm in Elk Grove, CA. We got some sweet peppers, mixed melons and mixed heirloom tomatoes. Summer produce at its finest. In the days to come I’ll post some of the dishes we came up with with these products.
sunniedog 8-20peppers 8-20melons 8-20tomatoes 8-20