Spring Lamb

lamb bucketlamb racklamb saddle 2lamb saddlelamb 2pcslamb shoulder
We got in a spring lamb in from Dixon, CA. This particular lamb weighed 40 lbs. We took some pictures of us breaking it down. Since we now do a daily menu, bringing in whole animals makes sense since you can do various dishes with the different cuts you end up getting. We plan to get a small pig in next week.


Crayfish or Crawfish?

Who cares? Either way I just got in some local crayfish from my fish purveyor. I wish I could tell you my fish purveyor is some old guy in overalls that hand scoops crayfish from the delta, but it’s actually Monterery Fish. I ordered five pounds of them live and once poached and cleaned, you end up with a pound of tail meat. The good thing is I didn’t order them for their tail meat. I wanted them to make Sauce Nantua which is essentially a concentrated crayfish bisque. I’m planning on serving the sauce with poached guinea hen breast. Kind of a French surf & turf.

Chicken Foie

chix liver 3-8
As we all know by now duck foie gras is banned here in California. Instead of crying about it, I found a solution. Chicken foie. This is a chicken liver mousse that is as rich and luscious as a foie terrine. I’m serving it with pickled rhubarb and house made toast points.

Sweet Tooth

ice cream machineganache 3-6
Here’s a new dessert on our menu: Chocolate ganache bar, warm chocolate torte, lavender ice cream. I’ve included a picture of our high-tech ice cream machine. This was here when I arrived and I thought I would have to invest in a fancy smancy ice cream machine to spin my ice cream recipes. How wrong I was. This machine is great. It can spin exactly one batch of my recipes and compared to the commercial ice cream machines, it takes 1 minute to clean. The only downside is that you can only spin one batch of ice cream a day.

English Pea Agnolotti

agnolotti3 3-6agnolotti2 3-6
The spring theme continues: English pea agnolotti, melted leeks, meyer lemon, house made ricotta. Agnolotti has become the non-Italian chef’s pasta of choice. Why? Once you get the hang of rolling and cutting the agnolotti they’re easy to make, don’t require egg wash to seal and waste almost no pasta dough. They also look sexier on the plate then large ravioli.


scallop2 3-6
Here is a new dish my Sous Chef JD came up with: Seared Scallops, Asparagus, favas, bacon, Meyer Lemon. Though I try to stick with local seafood as much as possible, nothing compares to the Atlantic coast scallops. Sometimes you gotta break Bay Area rules.